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Welcome and thank you for your interest in our swim team. We hope you decide to join us for a successful year of swimming. RMT Swimming is dedicated to improving swimming performance, stroke technique, individual goal setting and the physical and mental development of all our swimmers. RMT is well-organized, comprehensive, and competitive program.


This year RMT Swimming celebrates its seventh year as a competitive swim team. We look forward to continuing our tradition of making swimming an outstanding experience for all our athletes and their families. Our staff is thrilled to have the opportunity coaching your swimmers this year. We are a coaching staff that looks at the needs of each individual, evaluates them and provides a coaching environment that will help achieve the goals and desires of each swimmer. We don’t just look at the desired outcome for each swimmer but the means on how to get there.


Over the last 7 years, Rocky Mountain Thunder Swimming has had a history of excellence; from State qualifiers and State Champions, to All Star Team Qualifiers, Zone Team Qualifiers, Sectional Qualifiers and Far-western Zone qualifiers. We have had a number of swimmers achieve college scholarships and many have been recruited by many top schools. We pride ourselves on our ability to teach each swimmer what it means to be a student athlete and how to balance a family and a social life.


We are happy to have the support of Wheat Ridge Recreation Center; practice will be starting Monday,

September 13th. Presently, our coaching staff consists of Brent Bergstedt, Nick Barta, Amy Meyers and Sarah Hamilton totaling over 60 years of swim and coaching experience. We all bring a vast wealth of experience and true passion for this sport. We look forward to adding more coaches as our team and needs grow


RMT is a certified USA Swimming competitive swim club; our swimmers range from those who are just entering the sport to Olympic Trial Qualifiers. We have swimmers from 5 years old through 22. The only requirement is that the swimmer can swim unassisted across a 25-yard pool.



We believe that all fees should take care of all expenses for the team.


Our vision is to achieve the desired development of each swimmer and drive them to their highest comfortable level of competition. Our ultimate goal is to have every swimmer competing at his or her highest level of performance while minimizing any injuries to these swimmers. We continuously strive to develop new techniques to aid in the development of each swimmer’s ability and practice new teaching skills to uphold our expectations. Rocky Mountain Thunder Swimming strives to be the model for all swim teams in the area and in Colorado, by creating a partnership between the team, their families, the community and local schools.



The mission of RMT is to provide opportunity and encouragement for each of its swimmers to fully develop his or her potential in competitive swimming. The value of this mission is derived from the gradual acquisition of life enhancing attributes such as integrity, commitment, teamwork, time management and sportsmanship, which are fundamental to the pursuit of personal excellence and to the process of striving to “Be The Best That You Can Be.”